Meet the fan engagement entrepreneur

Vicente Fernandez - CEO and co-founder of SportsManias
Vicente Fernandez is the CEO and co-founder of SportsManias, which has become the industry leader in animated sports emojis and augmented reality effects.

In this conversation, Vicente talks about the origins of SportsManias, how they have reached hundreds of millions of fans each month, and what it represents working with partners like Meta, the NFL Players Association, the Olympics, and Google. Additionally, he told us how SportsManias keeps evolving and innovating in such a competitive industry and what challenges a sports industry entrepreneur faces and how to solve them.

What you can learn today:

  • How to follow your passion and monetize it 
  • How to keep evolving and innovating as a company 
  • The challenges an entrepreneur faces and how to solve them 
  • Tips to be a successful entrepreneur  

Key moments

02:15 How does Vicente fall in love with sports (His relationship with sports)

05:00 Vicente´s athlete career 

09:26 His studies at the University of Chicago 

12:08 Career aspirations, something related to sports

13:13 the entrepreneurship mindset, his mom´s influence 

16:11 Family reunions/gatherings. Business or personal conversations? 

18:06 The origin and evolution of Spormaniacs. Why, how and when to create it? The early days and the brands they work with. Their partnerships and sponsorships; the emojis developing  

29:46 The changes to the current business model 

32:18 How to keep updated and stay relevant among so many competitors. Understanding what fans really want 

37:00 Example of the creative process from the beginning, collaboration with Google 

40:18 What sport organizations should think and expect about Sportmanians? The relevance of emojis and AR for content and creating new experiences

45:25 What is Vicente´s dream now? 

47:36 The entrepreneur life; the challenges and daily activities 

50:30 His entrepreneur’s rituals

52:02 Vicente´s influences to be a better professional 

54:29 Three tips to entrepreneurs

57:46 Ritual questions