No human is limited, the drive to innovate

Moon Javaid - Chief Strategy Officer of the San Francisco 49ers
This week’s episode: Moon Javaid is the Chief Strategy Officer of the San Francisco 49ers, in this role he oversees business intelligence, CRM, fan feedback, strategic planning, etc.

In this conversation, Moon talks about how working together with other areas within an NFL organization. Besides, he explains what makes different the 49ers´ internal process, their innovation process, and how he has implemented his knowledge to make special the partnering model of the five times Super Bowl champions. Moon shares his leadership philosophy and even talks about other business of the 49ers franchise such as the stakes they have in the Premier League club Leeds United. 

What will we learn from this episode:

  • Adapting to a new industry doing similar job tasks 
  • What makes different the 49ers’ partnering model
  • Responsibilities and activities of the 49ers Chief Strategy Officer
  • How is collaborating with other areas within an NFL organization


01:50 Moon´s background (his years in Cleveland and Chicago)

04:05 The first years of his professional career, outside of sports

06:10 VC firms and Private equity firms

07:23 Moon as an entrepreneur, the time of Snap App

09:58 The paths that got him to the 49ers.

11:45 The first years at 49ers, the launch of Levis Stadium 

13:32 Being a business analyst at sports industry

16:43 His dreams at the beginning at 49ers and how does he feel right now

18:28 Moon´s responsibilities and activities as the 49ers Chief Strategy Officer

20:29 A day in his life 

22:10 Working together with the other areas

24:32 The most challenging part of his role 

25:53 The selling process inside the company 

28:54 His biggest accomplishments your legacy at the 49ers

30:17 The innovation process at 49ers

33:40 The partnering model for the 49ers

36:43 His leadership philosophy 

40:29 What inspires him to keep pushing the limits

41:59 The key figures of 49ers

44:29 Potential business for the 49ers as a company 

46:32 The Premier League is attractive to invest in 

48:16 Companies buying broadcasting rights in football 

49:43 Ritual Questions