Innovating and making a positive impact (economic, social, environmental) is in our DNA. We love challenges, we implement relevant methologies, we engage with our international community of experts based on specific needs, and we make growth happen to take you to the next level. SMARTER, BETTER, TOGETHER.

Within our SiS team, we have a clear goal, solving problems that matter in sport and thanks to sport. Easy to say, not easy to do. 

And we are not doing it alone, we believe in the power of collaboration and collective intelligence to accelerate growth and impact. Let’s talk?




We capitalize on the power of collective intelligence
We build on past experiences to design the future
We develop insights and innovative methodologies


We are focused on driving results  
We leverage our international community 
We make a positive impact 


We co-create with our partners and community
We build meaningful and international relationships 
We make it happen

At Sport Innovation Society, our purpose is to help create growth and positive impact, and it comes together. During my career, I always tried to inspire through sport, creating and organizing international events, helping brands connect with their consumers, developing content for media, supporting sports organizations in their strategies, developping community programs, inspiring leaders through innovation summits etc. And I realise more and more that our opportunities in life to make a difference are limited, it is time, now, together. 

Arnaud Drijard, SiS Founder

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