10 Years of sport & education

Jesse LOVEJOY - Sport & Education Expert
More than 500.000 kids passed through the STEAM programs developed by Jesse Lovejoy! Jesse is a pioneer in implementing STEAM programs in sports.

He is a positive change maker, who understood the power of sport to raise interest from kids in key topics, the same kids that will lead the future.

Jesse worked for around a decade (2013-2022) with the San Francisco 49ers. In that period he formed, launched and was the director of the program 49ers EDU; he developed the content and the operating structure of the San Francisco 49ers Museum, a space to promote education through sport and one of the most innovative museums in the world. 

In this conversation, Jesse talked about the growing tendency of sport organizations to work with the community and, together, look for the benefit of young people. 

He also explained the difficulties faced by sport properties when people assume that the organizations do those programs for a hidden interest, and how he worked to change this scepticism. 

What you can learn in this episode:

  • His experiences as 49ers EDU & the San Francisco 49ers Museum director. Know the relevance of those programs.  
  • Understand the power and capacity impact that sport has on the world of education
  • Why are sports organizations interested in these programs, and what are their benefits
  • What makes the 49ers a different organization than any other in the world