FIFA World Cup 26™ Official Brand unveiled

The FIFA World Cup 26™ Official Brand was unveiled in a star-studded event in Los Angeles, showcasing an innovative design that combines the image of the FIFA World Cup Trophy™ and the tournament year, creating a timeless and customizable emblem for future World Cups.

The launch event brought together football legends, special guests, and representatives from the host countries – Canada, Mexico, and the USA – in a celebration of diversity and unity, marking the first milestone of the journey to the largest and most inclusive FIFA World Cup ever, featuring 48 teams.

The event also introduced the “WE ARE 26” campaign, empowering people, places, and communities to be part of the FIFA World Cup 26™ Official Brand launch. The campaign captures unique stories and experiences related to the World Cup, inviting everyone to join in and build excitement for the upcoming tournament in 2026.

Overall, the unveiling of the FIFA World Cup 26™ Official Brand signifies a major step towards an extraordinary and inclusive World Cup, where each host city will launch its own brand, amplifying the diverse and vibrant atmosphere that awaits fans in North America. 



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