Innovative cameras enhancing the fan journey in the Coppa Italia Final

More than 38 pitch-side and stand cameras were used to film this week’s Coppa Italia final between Fiorentina and Inter Milan at Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

🍿 Innovative filming modalities with cinematographic optics, cameras never before used in a football match and a drone will accompany the fans in the narration of the entire event, from the pre-match to the celebrations of winning the trophy. 

These included cameras producing coverage for the competition’s domestic media rights-holder, commercial broadcaster Mediaset, and international broadcaster ESPN.

📽 A major television production, with the use of more than 38 cameras on the field, including, in addition to the Steadycam “Venice” and an extra gimbal with cinema optics, a drone and Robycam that allows aerial images up to a minimum of 15 metres from the pitch.

Another great innovation will be the images produced by a Rail-Cam branded Frecciarossa, Title Sponsor of the competition, which will move on rails positioned opposite on the long side of the field, at the height of the playing field, providing a unique and close moving point of view on the actions, which will be shown in the replays with graphics dedicated to Frecciarossa.

💻 In addition, an experimental Augmented Reality technology will be used (with the technological partner Hawk Eye) to create a feed parallel to the traditional multi-feed, integrated with a unique set of evolved statistical data, for use by Lega Serie A and possibly the primary broadcaster Mediaset on its digital platforms.

🎙 Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Lega Serie A, said: “The transformation of Lega Serie A into a media company now allows us to produce high-quality products and to always push ourselves further to innovate the storytelling of our events.”

🗣 Luisella Fusco, Serie A Media Operations & Broadcast Director, added: “Sony has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, so it’s great to welcome their knowledge, experience, and equipment to the Coppa Italia Frecciarossa Final.” 

🎙 Koji Andachi, Head of Media Solutions Marketing at Sony, stated: “We are constantly pushing technological boundaries to create the best viewer experience ahead of the final, and hope that this set up really brings across the excitement, drama, and beauty of the beautiful game.”

Using innovative cameras in sports broadcasting enhances the viewer experience, provides new perspectives, and offers in-depth analysis. These technologies continue to push the boundaries of sports coverage, creating more immersive and interactive experiences for fans worldwide.



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