Fans are the most important asset for sports organizations; during their international competitions, it is essential to connect with them. During this FIFA World Cup, technology is bringing several options to connect fans with FIFA, sponsors and among them.

⬇ Here are some of the most relevant collaborations for this FIFA World Cup:

Roblox and FIFA
FIFA and Roblox partnership offers an immersive fan metaverse experience. The Fifa World virtual environment allows users to interact in social spaces, earn rewards and collect virtual items. The Roblox platform will also include a range of skill games, collector challenges, video content and in-game events. The FIFA World also hosts bespoke video content built from FIFA+’s extensive library and exciting in-game events.

Upland and FIFA
Uplandme, Inc. and FIFA partnership allows fans to collect, trade, and own FIFA digital assets and game video highlights, pursuing a joint mission to help fans better understand how the metaverse and web3 work. Through the experience, fans will learn how to participate and contribute to the virtual community-driven environment. A wide variety of activities in Upland during and between tournaments will support the education efforts and the opportunities for fans to support their favourite national team.

BeFootball organizes the first Immersive Football World Cup. SuperPlayer is a virtual reality football game that has two game modes that take place in real football stadiums that have been virtualized. All game modes allow competition between users in order to be the best goalkeeper and striker. In this sense, BeFootball is organizing the first Immersive World Cup. It awards $3,000 in prizes, and users worldwide can compete from their homes.

Visa and
Visa unveiled Visa Masters of Movement, a fan experience bringing together football and art to celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2022. Partnering with crypto-currency exchange, the campaign will kick off with an NFT auction ahead of the World Cup. During the World Cup, fans attending the tournament will be allowed to create their own digital art. The digital artwork was designed using tracking technology that records player movement, such as passes, ball position etc, into an artwork algorithm.

🤔 At the end of the tournament, let’s see which of these options gets the better engagement, or maybe a hidden alternative will succeed.


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