Developing an idea is the daily life of many of us seeking to have a cutting edge in our activities. However, finding an idea, giving it shape and adjusting it to the company’s strategy is not easy because there are several ideas in the market to compete against.
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So, where does innovation come from? How do we find this idea that will have a positive impact?

Our experience at SiS showed us that observation methods are key! Firstly, to avoid repeating what has already been done and, secondly, to understand what may now interest the target consumer profile. The aim is to avoid repeating the same mistakes and to understand what really works. The fertile ground for innovation for us comes from 4 trends observation:  

1. The market: what do consumers really want, and how do they behave towards the products targeted? What are the means to analyse the practices and uses of competing brands? Example: NBA all in one App  

2. Tech: how is the technology used? Is there a digital culture? Example: Al Rihla, The 2022 World Cup match ball with connected ball technology  

3. Clients: what are the shared values and beliefs of the consumers who will buy our product, and how can we take advantage of them? Example: Minnesota Twins AR app

4. Regulations: What rules need to change to seek a better outcome or reach a previously inaccessible market? MLB changes to accelerate the game

That’s why at SiS, we believe in the power of collaboration because this way is a better route to achieve the objectives, and you have different approaches and perspectives to get that. 


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