African market, the youngest continent worth investing in!

Africa is an interesting continent to invest in. The youthful demographic is considered a major advantage for the continent, with prospects of generating significant GDP growth.

Where does this interest come from?

  • Demographics = opportunities. Africa has the youngest population in the world, with 70% of
    Sub-Saharan Africa under 30. According to the World Bank, 12 million young people enter the
    job market annually, while only 3 million formal jobs are created. 
  • According to EY: The median age for the continent is 18, which is 14 years younger than any
    other, and the continent’s population is set to double to two billion by 2050.
  • 50% of the world’s population by 2100
  • According to UNCTAD, Foreign Direct Investment to African countries hit a record $83 billion
    in 2021.
    In the sport, the talent of African athletes is well known, and it is no coincidence that such
    important sporting organizations seek to develop future stars from Africa, and some have a
    strong presence there. The famous potential of African football players shining in Europe is
    well worth mentioning, however, there are other examples. For instance:

NBA & Africa: Along with the FIBA, a relationship reportedly valued at nearly $1 billion, the
NBA runs the Basketball Africa League, with its first season in 2021. The BAL was built on the
foundation of current club competitions that FIBA had been organizing in Africa while marking
the NBA’s first collaboration to operate a league outside North America. For example, in the
NBA Draft 2022, 8 African players were drafted out of 60, 13%.

NFL & Africa: The NFL hosted its first official events in Africa this year in Ghana. The week
of activities included a talent identification camp, a fan event and a flag football clinic.
According to the league. There are more than 100 players on NFL rosters of African descent,
either born on the continent or first-generation American.

Others have plans for the near future, such as:

  • Youth Olympics, Dakar 2026: The 4th Summer Youth Olympic Games will take place in
    Dakar, Senegal, the first country on the African continent to host an Olympic sports event.
  • WWE plans a long-term push in Africa with tryouts and partnerships and has launched this
    week “The Search for Africa’s Next WWE Superstar.”
  • Upcoming 2023 Netball World Cup in South Africa and Rwanda’s 2025 world road cycling

Africa has several advantages for taking your project there; Although many companies are still
hesitant to enter this market, it’s important to start establishing your presence in Africa now.

SiS CEO and Founder Arnaud Drijard stated: “Having supported different basketball national
federations with the FIBA Plus program this year, the potential on youth programs, from
grassroots to talent detection to build the future, is huge and a focus.”


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