UFC is broadcasting in VR! The UFC offers live VR broadcasts in Meta’s Horizon Worlds!

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced that it is partnering with Meta to bring future mixed martial arts (MMA) events to virtual reality (VR). UFC Fight Pass, the organization’s subscription-based video streaming service, delivered the first live MMA event featured in Meta Horizon Worlds on Friday, October 14th.

😮Under the deal, live and on-demand MMA events will be available to watch in VR via Meta’s Horizon Worlds app, a virtual reality world accessible using the Meta Quest 2 headset, which will allow users to see and speak to other fans in real time while watching VR views of the fights.

During the first event, fans entered an immersive environment in Meta Horizon Worlds where they could see and speak with other fans in real-time while enjoying unprecedented VR views of all the thrilling action in the LFA Octagon, including strikes, takedowns, grappling, and more.

VR technology company YBVR produced the first fight in VR180, a VR video format that gave viewers a 180-degree panorama of the event. It will be available live and as an ‘always on’ event from 23-27 October.

Selected MMA events will be viewable in an immersive digital environment with 180-degree views.

🎙️Crowley Sullivan, vice president and general manager of UFC Fight Pass, stated: “We are excited to offer an unprecedented level of engagement for Fight Pass subscribers and MMA fans around the world by producing a live MMA event in virtual reality. With Meta providing the VR platform and YBVR lending their production expertise, we’re confident this will be a great experience for fight fans.”

🔜UFC has said it plans to offer similar VR experiences around selected combat sports events in the future on Fight Pass. The context of the UFC fights, a relatively compact area with just two participants and a referee, offers a favourable scenario for developing this type of broadcast.


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