The importance of Strategic Planning

In the last two years, at Sport innovation Society, we have developed strategic plans for sports organizations in different countries, from the Americas to Africa, and in different sports.

The process has been great, helping our clients design their future based on their history, realities, goals and potential for growth and development. The strategic planning work helps define the roadmap to achieve overall goals. In the process, we answer key questions such as where we are, where we are going, and how we are going to get there.

❓ Of course, sometimes it can shake organizations and their people, questioning the whys and hows. But with leadership commitment and a team involved in the whole process, great things can happen and outputs become a clear path for the whole organization. This work is fascinating, each client is in a different world, and it is very important to adapt the goals, objectives and action plans to realities while having a vision of a better future. 

💡 Ultimately, what matters is to define a strategy that stakeholders will embrace to make it happen, from internal teams to external partners. It must be very clear and achievable. Yes, it is great to dream and be ambitious, but as leaders in sports organizations, we are here to drive growth and positive impact. A strategy with no specific implementation plan is just wishful thinking. We already see the results of plans designed, and what a satisfaction it can be to see the impact and teams being proud of their work. 

In the end, isn’t it up to us to design the future we want to see in our organizations?


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