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Enhancing fan engagement is crucial for sports organizations to build a loyal fanbase, increase revenue, improve the fan experience, boost brand awareness, and strengthen relationships with sponsors and advertisers. By prioritizing fan engagement, organizations can build a sustainable and successful sports franchise.

At SiS we recognize the importance of “Team Up with your Fans” by adopting a fan-centric mindset; We can help create meaningful relationships and experiences with fans and stakeholders to drive long-term value and success.

To do this it is necessary to build a strong relationship with fans and create opportunities for interaction and connection. 

There are several ways in which a sports organization can enhance fan engagement, including:

  • Social media.
  • Fan events.
  • Fan feedback.
  • Content creation.
  • Gamification.

In this article, we show the case study of SQQ, a game-changing, patented platform that leverages the power of live video to create unique and memorable experiences for fans. The platform allows you to connect your fans with their favorite personalities through one-on-one video Q&As, giving them the chance to ask burning questions and receive personalized responses live. 

The SQQ case study

SuperQuickQuestion is a one-on-one Q&A platform that partners with sports teams, music labels and innovative brands to facilitate live 60-second video chats between a host and a queue of guests.

With its live one-on-one video Q&As, personalized features, and monetization options, SQQ is a powerful tool for driving engagement, building loyalty, and creating unforgettable moments of magic for fans. It also provides a safe and secure environment for both personalities and fans, with built-in moderation tools and safety protocols.

The value proposition of SuperQuickQuestion 

Fan engagement: With SuperQuickQuestion, you can offer your fans a unique and interactive experience that sets you apart from competitors and drives engagement.

Difficulty in monetization: The platform provides opportunities for revenue generation through ticket packages and sponsorship deals, allowing you to monetize the fan experience.

Limited access: SQQ breaks down barriers between fans and their favorite personalities, giving fans direct access that was previously only available to a select few. 

Talent inconvenience- with SQQ, not only can your fans particpate from anywhere, the talent can too. Host events while the team is on the road or give your stars more time at home with their familes by only asking an hour of their time rather than several hours for in-person meet and greets.

SQQ’s main benefits for clients:

Increased engagement: SuperQuickQuestion offers a unique and interactive fan experience that drives engagement and builds loyalty, for fans both in and out of market.

Revenue generation: The platform provides opportunities for revenue generation through ticket packages, sponsorship deals, VIP rewards, fan clubs, and other monetization options.

Personalization: SQQ allows you to create personalized experiences that speak directly to your audience, building brand awareness and customer loyalty.

“There’s nothing like this in sports. This is the only way fans can connect live with athletes one-on-one.” Dave SAFER, Cleveland Browns VP Corporate Sponsorships

The SQQ Experience

They have done successful activation for Monumental Sports & Entertainment, owners of the Washington Wizards (NBA), Mystics (WNBA), and Capitals (NHL)


  • Fulfill player appearance obligations: SuperQuickQuestion allows the Wizards to do player meet and greets even when the team is traveling.
  • Increase fan engagement: Social media isn’t personal, AMA’s aren’t one-on-one, and in-person meet and greets are expensive and inefficient.
  • Create new revenue opportunities: SQQ can be bundled into current sales packages or sold as an innovative, dynamic new offering.


  • Road trip success stories: Corey Kispert hosted season ticket members while in Detroit, and Deni Avdija hosted social media followers from Cleveland. Highlights here.
  • Global reach: Israel-born Deni Avdija’s event set an SQQ record on foreign registrations for a US-based event. Sample Snapshot photo keepsake here.
  • CBA Requirements: Provided additional options for the team to fulfill player appearance requirements per the NBA CBA.  

Success metrics

  • 100% approval rating: Our Event Recaps (like this one) reflect how much Wizards fans loved the opportunity to meet their beloved players.
  • Dynamic assets for social media + in-game entertainment: We record all video chats from each event and the client takes ownership of the data, so the Wizards have 30+ chances per one-hour event of creating a viral video moment.

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