NFL’s internationalization & challenges

Brett Gosper -
Brett Gosper changed his role as CEO of World Rugby to be the new Head of NFL Europe.

The league has the clear objective of expanding its fan base outside of the United States. NFL already has 150 million fans abroad and expects 50 million more in the next decade. In addition, the NFL expects to grow its international business to $1 billion over the next 10 years- To reach those objectives, Brett´s actions are fundamental and in this conversation, he explains NFL´s plan to achieve its goals, the challenges faced and what is next for the league in the international market.  

What you can learn today:

  • What represents the international market for the NFL 
  • The internationalization plans and objectives of the league
  • Differences between an international federation and the NFL
  • How to create strong brands and fan bases abroad

Key moments

01:01 Brett’s background in rugby

05:00 His change into the NFL

07:10 The relevance of the NFL, how big it is? 

08:41 The job of the NFL in the UK and Europe

11:37 NFL growth outside the USA

12:18 How to structure a team to work with outside the USA

14:13 Main markets for NFL in Europe

14:59 How is the brand perceived in those markets? 

17:44 The collaboration with the teams to reach the league internationalisation 

20:49 Differences between working in an international federation and the NFL 

25:21 the legacy left at world rugby, the organisation plans 

27:14 the future of digital revenue of the league

29:48 The IHMA strategy 

33:18 Player’s data, legal implications 

35:19 The biggest challenges in the sport business 

38:11 Brett desires to achieve in the next five years

40:07 Could it be possible to have a Super Bowl in Europe in the future? 

42:28 Ritual Questions