Since its creation in 2017, the Liga MX Femenil has grown every season. Little by little, it has become a reference league for other women´s football competitions worldwide and even for FIFA.

👁 These are relevant general insights from Liga MX Femenil:

– Is the women’s football league with the largest number of followers on all its social media platforms.
– 100% of its matches are broadcast.
– 35 years old is the average age of its fans. 
– Liga MX Femenil has the same pay-TV ratings in Mexico as the NFL, MLB and Champions League.

2022 has been one of the most important years, if not the most relevant, in the history of women´s football. And in Liga MX Femenil was no exception.

📈 The Apertura 2022 tournament has set new records for viewership and attendance. The numbers of the Playoffs and the Final show this:

– LIGA MX Femenil broke viewing records for the Tigres vs América Grand Final, thanks to free-to-air television, surpassing the NWSL Final played on 29 October.
– 5.3 million people watched the Liga MX Femenil two-leg final between Tigres and América, including 2.88 million for Leg 2.
– Attendance of 94,269 across both games, a new record.
– Leg 1 at historic Estadio Azteca broke the attendance record for women’s football in Mexico with 52,654 spectators.
– Attendance of 270,177 across the Apertura 2022 Playoffs, also a new record. 

The significant growth of the LIGA MX Femenil was once again evident with the development of the Apertura 2022. One of the league´s objectives is to reach more people, growing audience and attendance, as has been happening in these first five years of history.

🎙 And undoubtedly, another massive objective of the league is to be more than a game for girls and women in Mexico, as mentioned by Mariana Gutiérrez Bernárdez, President of Liga MX Femenil at #SiSMasters: “We have a purpose, that girls and women can transcend through a ball. I have a responsibility every day to be able to motivate and inspire girls to be able to kick a ball or at least have the right to choose to kick that ball. I am thrilled to know that girls have this opportunity to be able to choose what they want. And if it’s football, even more so.”

🔝 Despite having just five years, the Liga MX Femenil has impressive numbers; it is getting fans´ attention from social media, television, streaming platforms and attending the stadium. Their objective is clear: keep growing and be considered one of the world’s best women´s football leagues. And certainly, they are on the way to achieving that.  

➡ If you want to know more about the league projects and what Mariana Gutiérrez is doing at Liga MX Femenil, listen to the podcast (in Spanish) here:


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