ClipperVision the first NBA DTC Streaming Option!

The LA Clippers have become the first National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise to offer a direct-to-consumer (DTC) streaming platform with live in-market games. ‘ClipperVision’ complements the team’s existing local broadcast deals and will broadcast 74 of the Clippers’ 82 matches this season – the other eight have been selected for coverage by the NBA’s national broadcast partners.

ClipperVision brings technology to fans to enhance the live game-watching experience through augmented reality and alternate-language commentary options. It will launch with six stream options, and additional features are in the plans.

📱 The service is priced at $199 a year and will allow subscribers of ClipperVision to watch the games and other content without a paid TV subscription. Alongside conventional broadcasts from local partners Bally Sports SoCal and free-to-air (FTA) station KTLA, ClipperVision will offer multiple streams of live games to attract as broad an audience as possible, mainly younger demographics who primarily consume sport through digital platforms. 

Subscribers can stream live games in-market and access a video-on-demand (VOD) library directly at home, online, on their phone, or on the go from their computer, phone, and other connected devices without a cable subscription. ClipperVision is powered by the NBA’s new integrated digital platform, which also runs the new NBA app.

➡ ClipperVision’s six streams will include the following:

– BallerVision (with guest appearances from franchise owner Steve Ballmer and celebrity Clippers fans)
– Traditional Clippers Broadcasts 
– CourtVision powered by AWS 
– CourtVision Mascot Mode powered by AWS 
– ClipperVision in Korean. It will be the first Korean-language commentary available OTT in the L.A. market.
– ClipperVision en Español. It is the first team direct-to-consumer platform produced specifically for a Spanish-speaking audience.

🎙 Steve Ballmer, Clippers chairman, mentioned: “I have wanted to create a product like ClipperVision since the day I came to the Clippers. Years of effort, hard work and development have led up to its launch. ClipperVision’s augmented reality and interactivity will let us transform the experience our fans have watching games, and provide them with more platforms to watch the Clippers.”

🗣 Gillian Zucker, Clippers President of Business Operations, said: “Making ClipperVision available directly to consumers, combined with games on Bally Sports SoCal and free-to-air-TV on KTLA, means that we can put Clippers games back in the hands of our local fans.”

The NBA and its franchises are now looking towards streaming in-market games. This move by the Clippers could inspire other NBA teams to do DTC if they can get the appropriate rights. After all, the sports properties want to transform the viewing experiences for their fans.


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