The National Football League (NFL) announced plans for the Hip-hop artist Saweetie Super Bowl Concert Presented by Intuit on Roblox. The free virtual concert will be an official part of the NFL's Super Bowl LVII event line-up. It will take place in Warner Music Group's Rhythm City, a first-of-its-kind music-themed social roleplay experience on Roblox that was announced earlier this week.

🎵 The concert will take place within Warner Music Group’s Rhythm City, a social RPG the company launched on Roblox earlier this week. Saweetie’s performance was motion-captured for the event. After the premiere on February 10, the concert will re-air every hour until February 12, the day Super Bowl takes place.

Saweetie will perform a family-friendly, fully motion-captured performance featuring her hit singles, including “Tap-In,” bringing the excitement of an NFL Super Bowl musical performance to millions of fans in the metaverse. The virtual concert will celebrate the upcoming Super Bowl LVII and promote a message of female empowerment to all tuning in.

Fans that virtually attend the Saweetie Super Bowl Concert can also get digital items on the Roblox marketplace or win items by finishing challenges. The digital collection includes wearable hairstyles, hats, boots, headphones, and sweatsuits based on Saweetie’s merchandise and her album looks.

💻 The NFL is also launching Super NFL Tycoon within Roblox. The metaverse experience allows users to pretend they’re NFL team owners, draft a team and build a stadium. Super NFL Tycoon will launch on February 4 to coincide with the virtual Super Bowl concert. Users can move between Super NFL Tycoon and Rhythm City through a designated portal.

The NFL’s latest experience on Roblox will allow millions of users to live the fantasy of being an NFL team owner and practice important financial and business skills with Intuit’s help. Super NFL Tycoon simulates an authentic business experience, from drafting a team and building an “Intuit Stadium” to managing cash flow, payroll, taxes and customer acquisition with the help of Intuit’s products. For the upcoming virtual concert, users can move between Super NFL Tycoon and Rhythm City through a designated portal to allow for easy access between the experiences.

🗣 Ed Kiang, the NFL’s VP of video gaming, said: “The Saweetie Super Bowl Concert Presented by Intuit will be an anchor entertainment event bringing fans together in the metaverse and further cementing the tradition of content innovation at the Super Bowl. Working with Roblox has enabled us to create interactive shared experiences and with the virtual concert and Super NFL Tycoon we will unlock deeper fan engagement.”

Bringing an event such as the Super Bowl to the metaverse will create a significant engagement with the next generation and will bring brands’ interest to further events like this. 


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