#21. Matt Cutler – DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN SPORTS CONSUMPTION – Sports media & communication

Matt CUTLER - Sports media & communication Expert
Matt Cutler is a sports content, media and communication expert. Matt has specialised in sports industry storytelling for 15 years, first as editor of SportBusiness and latterly at Two Circles, as Head of Communications. He shared his digital transformation experience, what technologies and commercial strategies have worked, which haven't, and where investments have been successful. Let's look at the changes in sports consumption and its digital transformation.

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What you can learn today:
– Matt’s journey and learnings in the sports industry
– Thoughts on trends throughout last years
– Areas of opportunities (women sports, VCs etc.)
– “People want to consume sport in the easiest way possible.”  
– “As long as the sport is relevant for the world, our industry will be relevant”  
– “Entertainment industry has been 5 to 10 years ahead of the sports industry in terms of strategies and in terms of strategies and skills set required “

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