🚀 Eyes on Mexican Market!

One of the indicators analysed by the investors & marketers is demographics and consumer behaviours. It is also part of the innovation process, considering you need to understand your targets to solve problems that matter to them and identify the potential market size.

📈 Mexico has interesting characteristics and became a key market for many sports organizations in the last decade, from Nike & adidas to FIFA and International Federations. Why that when it comes to demographics? 

– Population of 129 million people
– 50% under 29, giving a broader context, in the US it is 38.3%
– Life expectancy is growing and is already 75 with a fertility rate of 2.1 (when most countries are lowering their demographic growth) 
– The largest Spanish-speaking country in the world
– Second largest economy in Latin America

At SiS, we are working with several sports organizations on their growth and innovation strategies, internationally and in Mexico. And Moveo Lab (a company co-founded by Arnaud Drijard), has also organized +70 international events in 26 sports in Mexico (including World Championships, World Cups, Olympic Qualifiers,…) in the last years, providing unique experiences to the top athletes in the world and Mexican fans. 

📱 Interested in the Mexican market? Happy to talk with you. 


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