Benny Bonsu – IOC, Director of Daily Content – FROM GHANA TO THE IOC, A TRUE SPORT STORY!

Benny Bonsu - IOC, Director of Daily Content
Benny Bonsu is the Director of Daily Content at The International Olympic Committee. She arrived in the UK from Ghana at 11, Benny has had quite a unique journey, from being a teacher, collaborating with Tottenham Hotspur, then the BBC radio, being the NBA face for BT Sport SKY Sports and the transition towards the IOC.

Benny shares with us her mission in sport, her unique experiences, and what it means to be the Director of Daily Content at the IOC.

Key learnings:

· Understand why she is always on a mission with the young people, her community and with Africa & Tottenham

· Know what her responsibilities are as the IOC being director of daily contents

· The beauty of the diversity of the Olympic stories

· Find out the challenge that represents understanding the behaviour of the audience to produce quality content

· How has evolved the Olympic channel, since its creation

· “The Redeem Team”, first co-produced Olympic Channel content on Netflix

“As an African born woman, I am on a mission, and being now at the IOC is more than a job, it is a responsibility”. Benny BONSU