March 24, 2023 – March 30, 2023
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Notable rule changes for the 2023 MLB season: Pitch clock, larger bases, and shift bans.

Today is the 2023 MLB Opening Day, and this season will have several rules changes designed with the idea of having shorter games and making them more enjoyable for fans. Major League Baseball is instituting its most significant set of rules changes this season since the adoption of the designated hitter. The three notable changes implemented are a pitch clock, restrictions on the infield defensive shifts and bigger bases.

Why is the success of the Kings League relevant to the sports industry? 

92,522 spectators attended the Kings League’s Final Four matchup and sold out the stadium. The games between the four finalist teams were the main attraction, but it was not the only show for the attendees. The event featured a Super Bowl-style halftime show between games which featured a rap battle, performances by top stars like Tiago PZK and Lali, and other big names in attendance were Sergio “Kun” Aguero, David Villa and Barcelona president Joan Laporta.