Caitlin Morris – Nike VP, Social & Community Impact – SPORT’S POWER TO MOVE THE WORLD FORWARD

Caitlin Morris - Vice President of Social & Community Impact at NIKE
Caitlin Morris is the Vice President of Social & Community Impact at NIKE, with more than two decades of experience working to drive positive social impact. Caitlin talks about Nike’s community impact strategy, her role & commitment there and how the sport has the power to move the world forward and accelerate human potential.

What you can learn today: The importance of investing in sport to make an impact on communities . Nike’s commitments to inspiring and enabling all kids to enjoy the benefits of positive experiences in sport, play and movement . Examples of Nike’s partnerships to make an impact in communities

· What it means to guide a global team and diverse portfolio of programs . . “There is a future for all of us to make sport more impactful in the world and has great potential. That innovation comes in lots of different forms, whether it’s product or services or how we show up in the community, to partner better with them to help them impact the world”.