Why is strategic planning so important for sports organizations?

Organizations face complex challenges, always driving to increase revenues in a more unpredictable world, where sport as an industry is evolving quickly. From adopting emerging technologies and digital transformation, to being purpose driven, companies have to take decisions to design the future they want, and get ready for mid-term, if not long-term, success. 

Strategic planning provides the context and guidance for the many steps and managerial decisions required to reach the goal by that point in the future. Further, the consulting provides how the company can adapt to the inevitable changes and obstacles that will emerge over the plan’s timeline. And operational planning gives the tools to make it happen, starting now.  

🔎 Our experience at SiS

We help organizations design their future and drive results by achieving strategic focus and providing a roadmap to success. At SiS, we deliver purpose-led business solutions to take our partners to the next level internally and externally. 

In the last two years, we have helped different clients, to name a few: 

• Tigres UANL (one of the biggest Mexican football clubs): we helped build this top Mexican football club’s 2022-2026 strategic plan. Mauricio Culebro, Tigres’ President, said: “I have worked with SIS on several projects where they have helped us do things differently and innovatively, to achieve our goals in different areas”. 

• FIBA: our founder is consultant for the FIBA Plus program helping National Federations develop their strategic and/or operational plan. SiS has already contributed to the plans of 6 national federations in two continents. 

🖋 Some tips based on our experience: 

Strategic planning may seem simple, but it goes way beyond what most executives anticipate. Some key tips we would like to share with you: 

. Need for a true commitment from the leadership 
. A cross-functional team dedicated to the project 
. Ensure process to transform planning into successful execution 
. Foster a culture of accountability & innovation 
. … and make it entertaining! 

➡ Based on our international experience in different sport’s related organisations, we have a lot more to share. Happy to get in touch with you if you are interested.  


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