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Tokio | París | México
#SiSTokyo2018 highlights
#SiSParis2018 Highlights
Christina Chase - Managing Director & Co-founder, MIT Sports Lab
Lionel Trouvé - Head of eCommerce, Store and Applications, Natixis at #SiSP
Brianne Ehrenkranz - Senior Director, Marketing, NBA at #SiSParis2018
Pierre - Vaultier, Snowboading Olympic champion, at #SiSParis2018
Barbara Desmarest - VP Sales & Development Europe, Vogo at #SiSParis2018
David Fowler - Director of Marketing, mycujoo at #SiSParis2018
Arnaud Simon - Sport & Media Industry Leader at #SiSParis2018
Yiannis Exarchos - Chief Executive Officer, Olympic Broadcasting Services at #SiSParis2018
Finbarr Kirwan - United States Olympic Committee, Senior Director, High Per
Gregory Dupont - Head of Performance, FFF at #SiSParis2018
Javier Tebas - President, LaLiga, at #SiSParis2018
Dr. Pascal Boniface - Founding Director, IRIS, at #SiSParis2018
Patrick Mouratoglou - Director & Founder, Mouratoglou Tennis Academy at #SiSParis2018
Kheredinne Sidhoum - Global Chief Creative Officer, Dragon Rouge at #SiSParis2018
Tom Johnson - Head of Marketing, Ryder Cup at #SiSParis2018
Hiromi Kawamura - Director International Relations, Tokyo 2020, at #SiSParis2018
Antoine Chines - General Delegate to the Olympic & Paralympic Games, City of Paris at #SiSParis2018
Mario Henkel - Managing Director, Ottobock at #SiSParis2018
Martina Caironi - Paralympic Champion, Athlete at #SiSParis2018
Laurence Fischer - Founder, Fight for Dignity at #SiSParis2018
Simon Prahm - CEO & Co-Founder, GAME at #SiSParis2018
David Douillet - Strategic Committee Director, Linksport at #SiSParis2018
Patrick Dees - Chief Gaming Officer & Co-Founder, Fan Controlled Football League at #SiSParis2018
James Pollock - Chief Marketing Officer, Tifosy #SiSParis2018
Didier Quillot - Chief Executive, LFP, at #SiSParis2018
Samuel Westberg - VP of Business Development, LiveLike at #SiSParis2018
Glenn Gutierrez - COO & Co-Founder, alive5, at #SiSParis2018
Jorge Escallon - Sr Director, Player Finance and Treasury, ATP #SiSParis2018
Brian Matzat - Portland Trail Blazers at #SiSParis2018
Recap #SiSMexico2018
Jesse Lovejoy - Director, STEAM Education & 49ers Museum, EDU Academy
Sara Rodell, Loop & Tie, and Dustin Albertson, San Francisco 49ers
Moon Javaid - Vicepresident of Strategy & Analytics, San Francisco 49ers
Scott Stanchak - VP, Emerging Technology, NBA
Christine Pantoya - Sr. VP of Mobile and Direct-to-Consumer, NBA
Emilio García Duarte - Senior Marketing Director, NBA
Pierre Fratter-Bardy - Head of Strategy and Development, IOC
Gilberto Basilio- Sánchez - IoT, Intel
Quentin Paquelier - Director Marketing & Communications, Club América
Isaura Morales - Strategic Media Patnerships for Sports, Facebook
#SiSMexico2018: programa especial de TDN
Alberto Carvalho - Executive Marketing Director, Gremio Porto Alegre
Daniel González - Business Development Director, Aldea Solutions
Jonathan Paredes - Cliff Diving world champion, Red Bull at #SiSMexico2018
Shaun Jordan - 2 time Olympic champion, USA Swimming
Aaron Peirsol - 5 time Olympic champion, USA Swimming
Horacio de la Vega - Director Mexico City Sports
Iñigo Riestra - Mexico Deputy Bid Director, United 2026
Gustavo Silikovich - General Manager, River Plate
Jorge Bermúdez - Head of Content Partnerships Mexico & Colombia, YouTube
Antonio Argüelles - Ocean’s Seven Challenge conqueror, Open Water Swimmer
Ben Jones - Research & Innovation Manager, Rugby Football League
Ulrick Noel - Technology Innovation Lead, Deloitte
Conrad Colman - Sail skipper
Highlights #SiSParis2017
Jay Corless - United Nations Foundation
Jens Nymand-Christensen - European Commission
Dr. Daniel Chao - Halo Neuroscience
Peter Tierney (Leinster Rugby) & Benoit Simeray (Catapult)
Mounir Zok - US Olympic Committee
Glenn Lehrman - StubHub
Frank Leenders - FIBA
Jerry Newman - Facebook
Jonathan Davis - Eurosport
Jean-François Martins - Mairie de Paris
Horacio de la Vega - Mexico City Sports
Etienne Thobois - Paris 2024
Leen Segers - LucidWeb
Vincent Lauriot Prévost - VPLP Design
Matt Farrell - USA Swimming
Craig Spence - International Paralympic Committee
Andrew Diggle - Manchester United
Juan P. Hinestroza - Cornell University
Highlights #SiSMexico2017
Peter Rovers - PSV Eindhoven: Marketing & Commercial Director
Steven Weintraub - NBA, Content Director
Alban Dechelotte - Coca-Cola, Global eSports
John M. Paul - VenueNext, CEO & Founder
Nate Appleman - HOK, Vicepesident, Director
Glenn Lehrman - StubHub, Global Head of Communications
Selman Careaga - Coca-Cola México, Marketing VP
Karla Berman - Google México, Directora Comercial
Juan Carlos Rodríguez - Univisión Deportes, Presidente
Juan Maio - Perform Group: SVP of Sales, Head of Latam
Especial Récord: entrevista a Guillermo Cantú, Secretario General FMF
Ryan Montoya - Sacramento Kings, Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Daniel Chao - Halo Neuroscience, CEO & Co-Founder
María del Rosario Espinoza - Taekwondoín, medallista olímpica
Farhang Farid - IBM Canada, Sports and Entertainment
Gustavo Silikovich - River Plate, Gerente General
Macarena Alexanderson - Nielsen Sports, Director
Rudy Magna - Under Armour, Director Connected Fitness
José Luis Higuera - Chivas, CEO
Douglas Barton - IBM Analytics Solutions, Director of Marketing
Paul Balsom - Leicester City, Head of Sports Science & Performance Analysis
Jean François Martins - Deputy Major of Paris, in charge of Tourism & Sport
Horacio de la Vega - Director Indeporte
Joe Verrengia Arrow Electronics: Global Director, Corporate Social Responsi
Juan Diego García Squetino - Liga Nacional, Director de Marketing y Patroci
Ignacio Estanga - Twitch: Partnerships Lead, Spanish Speaking Americas
SiS 2016 Highlights
Ernesto Martínez - Smart wearable technology, the bionic experience
Matthew Baxter - The future of fan engagement
Manuel Portilla - Club infrastructure, fan experience & fan loyalty!
Álvaro Buenaventura - Formula E
Tom Luedecke - Designing the future!
Karla Wheelock, Laura Sánchez, Irma García y Tamara Vega - Innovative Women
Joe Verrengia - The SAM Car
Juan P Hinestroza - Innovation, Creativity and Nanotechnology
Christine Baugh & Joe Verrengia - Concussions in the NFL
Héctor González Iñárritu - El arbitraje impulsa la innovación en el futbol
Colin Jackson - Wings for Life World Run
Vicente Fernández - Curating social media
Paul Rogers - Rebuilding Roma digitally: 10 things we learned
Mauricio Cabrera - The Art of Storytelling
Iris Córdoba - Sport startups & innovative projects
Francisco Suinaga - Toluca on the road to centennial!
Jaime Pollack - How we adapt our content format to reach and inform fans
Andrés Castro Díaz - Creating Digital Conversations in Sports
Mounir Zok - US Olympic Committee
José Riestra - DNA behind Santos Laguna
Henrique Ortigão - Insights to Impact
David Rosa - Know your fans to converte data into income
Christine Baugh - Sport as a public health tool: possibilities and pitfalls
SiS 2016 Highlights - Thanks to our partners
SIS 2015
Victor Alvarado, Director de Mercadotecnia, Federación Mexicana de Fútbol
Tania Braga, Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Katie Tang, Philadelphia Eagles, engaging fans!
John Farrell, YouTube, Increase video discovery, consumption & monetization
Luis Renato Olivalves - Facebook has revolutionized how sport fans connect!
Video TDN Sport Innovation Summit 2015
Antonio Zea - Culture of Innovation!
Dorian Roldán - Lucha Underground
Matthew Pahnke - Customizing sports nutrition
Matthew Strachan - Sahara Force India Formula One Team
Roberto Cánovas – EA Sports
Angus McNab - Opta Sports ! Data for a better sport !
Craig Spence - Amazing London 2012 Paralympics Marketing Case !
Asociación Mexicana de Mercadotecnia Deportiva
Lourdes Mayol - Gatorade Sports Science Institute
Javier Silva & Fausto Esparza - New Vision of Blind Cycling !
Francisco Javier Gonzales interviewing Michael Cunnah
Samuel Garcia - Pushing boundaries of athletes performance !
Mike Hopper - The intersection of sports, government and social change
Horacio de la Vega - Road to Mexico’s Grand Prix, Mexico City 2015-2019
Homero Diaz entrevista por Miguel Briseño
Raul Lucido - NEC - From Smart Cities to Smarter Stadiums !
Mounir Zok Interview - US Olympic Committee Sports Technologist!
Katie Tang interview, Philadelphia Eagles !
Matthew Strachan Interview - Sahara Force India Formula 1 Team
Tania Braga - Rio 2016 Olympics Head of Sustainability & Legacy
Raul Lucido (NEC) Interview
Entrevista con Victor Alvarado, FMF
Rob Garcia, Firstv1vision Mexico presentation !
SIS 2015 Interview with Javier Silva
#SIS 2015 interview with Matthew Strachan
#SIS 2015 interview with Angus McNAB - OPTA
#SIS 2015 Interview with Antonio Zea
#SIS 2015 Interview with Craig Spence - International Paralympic Committee
#SIS 2015 Interview with LUIS RENATO OLIVALVES - Facebook Latam
#SIS 2015 interview with Matthew Pahnke - Scientist GSSI
#SIS 2015 Interview with Michael Cunnah - iSportConnect Chairman
Mounir Zok - Sport Technologist
Patrick Loliger - Paralimpic Athlete and Panamerican Champeon
Tom Dielen - General Secretary World Archery
Israel Santiago - Comex Masters
Patricio Villalobos - Cofundador Underdog
Greg Sherlock - Populous
Paul Rogers - Head of Digital Liverpool FC
Horacio de la Vega - Mexico City Sports Director
Dorian Roldán - AAA Wrestling League
Antonio Zea - Adidas Innovation Director
Michael Cunnah - Stadium Management Systems
Niall McEvoy - Teamer
SIS 2014 - Rick Traer - CEO Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance
Jan Peters - Spidercam
Chris Barnard - Nike Energy Marketing
Jorge Loperena - NFL
Ricardo Velez - Omegawave
Beatriz Boullosa - Nutrióloga Selección Mexicana
Fabian Bifaretti - Sportsworld
Ann Duffy - Major events & Sustainability Expert
Kemp Edwards - Ethical Profiling
Sport Innovation Summit 2014 - Summary
Entrevista Antonio Zea Jr. - Dir. Innovación Global adidas Futbol
Entrevista Patricio Villalobos - Fundador Underdog
Entrevista Ann Duffy - Sport & Sustaintability
Entrevista con Horacio de la Vega - Director General Indeporte
Tom Dielen Interview - World Archery General Secretary
Niall McEvoy Interview - Teamer CEO
Michael Cunnah Interview - CEO Stadium Management Systems
Rick Traer - CEO Canadian Sports Tourism Alliance
Arturo Olive interview - CEO NFL Mexico
Roberto Kenny Interview - TV production
Jim Malone Interview - VP Cogent Technologies
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