1190 Sports and LaLiga tech seal agreement to protect key Latin American sports competitions from piracy!

The rights holder will receive global monitoring, analysis, and removal services from LaLiga Tech, linked to broadcast matches of Brazilian national football leagues and international men’s and women’s sports in Chile.

1190 Sports, the global company dedicated to the management and commercialisation of sports rights, and LaLiga Tech, a provider of specialised technologies to the sports and entertainment industry, have announced a new agreement to protect the main sports competitions in Latin America against piracy and protect the value of audiovisual rights through technology.

In this new alliance, the LaLiga Tech subsidiary, LaLiga Content Protection, will carry out 24/7 monitoring and elimination of pirated content from key sporting competitions in Latin America, including the Brasileirão A & B Series in Brazil, considered among the world’s top ten leagues, which returns for a new season in April.

According to data from LaLiga Content Protection based on its list of monitored websites, more than 16 million unique users access illegal content every month in Latin America.

Hernán Donnari, CEO & co-founder of 1190 Sports, said: “Sports content piracy is one of the most serious problems facing the global media and entertainment industry. It is a crime that directly impacts those who manage high-quality content that is appreciated globally. Just as technological advances have contributed to the development and expansion of our industry, we are convinced that it is essential to put innovation and cutting-edge technology into our anti-piracy services to help meet this challenge. We celebrate this new alliance and are delighted to have the expertise of LaLiga Tech in our corner.”

Jorge Carabias, business development lead at LaLiga Tech, said: “Protecting content can form the foundation of new growth in the industry, by allowing sports organisations to reinforce their commercial potential and build closer digital relationships with their fans. Through our technical and human resources, we are removing illegal content faster than was previously possible and partnering with forward-thinking organisations like 1190 Sports helps us to lead the defence against global piracy.”

Once piracy is detected, LaLiga Content Protection’s team of analysts and consultants, based in Spain and Mexico, swiftly remove the content thanks to its international working agreements with the world’s major online platforms and over 70 leading social networks. It also collects technical information to assist with subsequent legal cases.

During the 2020/21 season, LaLiga Content Protection removed millions of illegal content sources for LaLiga and its global client base while filing global blocking orders to deactivate illegal services receiving tens of millions of users. It currently protects audiovisual assets worth over €9 billion.


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