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MyCujoo, a Unique approach to Sports Broadcasting
MyCujoo, a Unique approach to Sports Broadcasting.
Pedro Presa from MyCujoo
Pedro Presa from MyCujooGoogle

SiS - Pedro, how are you ? Thanks for being with us. First of all, please share a bit of you with our audience, and what led you to create MyCujoo ?

PP - I am Pedro Presa, CEO and co-founder of MyCujoo. Before that, I was and still am a Portuguese football fan of Boavista FC, and this is what led me to create MyCujoo with my twin brother Joao. In 2009, I was living abroad, working in the sports industry. And unfortunately, Boavista - who in the early 2000s was playing in the Champions League - got relegated to the 3rd tier of Portuguese football. At that time, you couldn’t watch these matches on television, not in Portugal, and definitely not abroad. So I was unable to follow my team. Premium contents are available, for a price. But non-premium, long tail football? And this was all happening, while we were seeing everything and anyone being able to broadcast and be broadcasted on the internet with smartphones everywhere. It didn’t make any sense to me. So we created MyCujoo to fill this void.

SiS- What problem is solving MyCujoo ?

PP-A simple one, really: 99.9% of football matches played worldwide are not broadcasted on TV. We decided to change this by creating a solution, driven by technology, that would enable any organiser of football competitions to stream their matches online. To achieve that, we needed to tackle this from various angles.

1, content production: to be scalable, we knew we needed to empower the organisers to produce the content themselves. Our solution is adaptable to any production capacity, even the most limited ones - which is someone filming with their smartphone. 2, differentiation: our OTT would enable specific football broadcasting features such as live graphics, statistics and the most important of our tools, the highlight creation, as well as a unique monetisation scheme that sees us share revenues with the content producers.

SiS-Can you give us an idea of the scale MyCujoo is about, now as well as in its future plans?

PP- MyCujoo today is the only truly global football streaming platform. We have very strong roots across the globe within the football community from the USA to Vanuatu, on all six continents. Days in which our platform streams contents from all 6 continents are the norm.

Our greatest success is the fact that our product is proving to be relevant for a vastly diverse range of content creators - confederations, member associations, 1st division leagues, as well as district federations, small village clubs and recreational, grassroots players.

This is where our scale is. Millions of matches are being played out there in the world and have yet to be integrated digitally. Hundreds of millions of players are playing in these matches and are yet to have their own content available to them, digitally. And these clubs and players represent a network of nano communities that aggregates to billions of individuals.

We are the only platform that can connect these dots, at this scale, at all these different levels, and we are already well on our way to doing it.

SiS- It seems like a great mission to democratize access to streaming, what is your business model ?

PP-Our value comes from our scale. There is strong interest for brands to be associated with football in meaningful ways, in particular in the long tail and at grassroots levels, where these associations can be seen as more genuine perhaps. But until MyCujoo, creating these associations for higher level brands (global, regional or even national) was difficult. There wasn’t a single football specific platform to aggregate these granular visibility opportunities. We are enabling these aggregations, and we are going even more granular than before - thanks to our entities structure, brands can explore positioning at global, continental, national, local levels, with organisations, competitions, clubs, teams or even players… We are offering both scalable campaigns, which are actionable at very granular levels. A truly contextualised marketplace.

On top of that, we are creating additional added value - for instance on the competitions data that we are generating, but also with our community drive towards players and fans, which we will be able to action into revenue opportunities through gamification.

SiS-Can you help your "partners", meaning federations / clubs... grow their business ?

PP- Of course, and in many different ways. A great example are these mid-level organisations who didn’t have much digital presence before - maybe a website, some social media activation. Not only do we provide them with an additional capacity to engage with their players and fans, but the way we work with them and support them, is also a capacity-building element. Because we have been working at the forefront of sports digitalisation for the last five years, we have a lot of know-how that we can bring to them, how to operate, produce, distribute, promote, monetise. This doesn’t happen overnight. With any new endeavour, it comes with a learning curve. And we are not just giving our product to our partners, we help them ease through this curve as well to make them successful with their business, because in the end, this becomes a mutual benefit.

SiS-How do you plan to scale even more your technology and of course platform (technology...)?

PP-We have three main angles in our strategy. The first is to keep improving our core streaming platform and make it more and more accessible while maintaining our excellency in terms of reliability. In our current scale, we aim to stream more than 150 000 matches a year, with most of this growth coming from recreational levels. For this to happen, we need our streaming platform to be the easiest to adopt, and our platform to be extremely solid, resilient, scalable and reliable.

Then, and this is already happening in our platform as we speak, we are introducing “entities” in the data structure of MyCujoo. It may sound like a dry notion, but it is crucial within the context of a global, mass-content football platform. Having real physical entities - organisations, geographies, individual entities - associated with the metadata collected in video, creates entry points and aggregation points for content and viewership. This allows us to assign any content related to a player to his own, individual profile. This allows us to offer a brand a very granular aggregation of sponsorship opportunities.

Finally, we want to automatise. Production first, with auto panning. Data collection second, with the automatic creation of highlight videos via computer vision. With that, we will increase the content and data created exponentially without relying on people’s time.

SiS-End of 2018 has been announced your deal with FIH, how do you plan your expansion outside of football ?

PPOur focus is football. Football is where we want to prove our vision. But with FIH.live, we had a very specific opportunity to showcase our capabilities to service an OTT product that very naturally fit FIH’s needs. We may come across new opportunities such as this. But the focus of our growth and product development is around football and creating the football network of communities.

SiS-Could we say that MyCujoo is the Twitch of sports streaming ?

PP-MyCujoo is MyCujoo. We are authentic. We wouldn’t refuse the moniker as there could be some similarities. But I think we have a very unique approach to the sports industry that differs in many ways from Twitch.

The industry is expressing a search for the true innovator as platforms such as Netflix or Twitch have been in their respective areas. MyCujoo is proving to be a worthy candidate to challenge this title. The profound revolution of the industry has yet to happen, even if we already see some signs, for instance when it comes to trends in broadcasting, content consumption, and how some stakeholders are positioning themselves to not be behind the wave.

SiS-A final word for SiS community ?

PP-We were very pleased to participate last year to the event in Paris with David Fowler, our Marketing Director. These events are necessary as the sports industry and community are gearing up for an acceleration of change. MyCujoo is of course actively working towards this change, but we also benefit from the learning of other stakeholders, and we want to share our own. These exchanges, as fostered by SiS, are key for our industry to drive progress.

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