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Hurricane Action Sport at the core of Urban Sports
Hurricane Action Sport at the core of Urban Sports
Hervé Andre-Benoit, FISE Founder and Hurricane Group CEO
Hervé Andre-Benoit, FISE Founder and Hurricane Group CEOSiS

SiS - Hervé, great speaking with you! First and foremost, can you tell us about yourself and how you came to create your company?

HAB- It all started in 1997 when I was a student at Montpellier Business School and pondering over my end-of-year project. Using my passion for action sports was a key driver and that’s how I came up with an open festival, gathering several sports in one unique location. The FISE was born.

SiS- Tell us more about Hurricane and FISE?

HAB- FISE is more than an event featuring the most popular urban sports: Skateboard, BMX Freestyle, Parkour, Breakdance, Roller, Scooter. It is above all, a fun festival engaging with a large audience: outdoor enthusiasts, millennials, festival goers, sports fans and families...

Some key figures about our FISE Montpellier: + 500,000 spectators on site over 5 days, 1,800 athletes from all over the world, 15 million euros of economic impact, + 1,000 hours of international broadcast. FISE Hiroshima, more than 100 000 spectators over 3 days for its second edition. A fantastic country with a lot of development opportunities.

Hurricane Group is the rights holder of FISE. Over the years, the Group has developed competencies and global expertise in all aspect of event management, communication, and infrastructure provision and has established its worldwide presence, with offices in China and France.

We have forged partnerships with several International Federations to host their respective World Cups as part of our FISE events and connecting them with a new and younger audience. A World Premiere and the beginning of a great journey to the Olympics inclusion!

We also work with major international Organising Committees such as the Olympic Games, the World Urban Games and international brands including Honor and Red Bull.

SiS- What are your expansion plans?

HAB- Hurricane Group has its eyes on new global markets, India being one of them, and a strong ambition to expand its Continental Series. A bidding process is ongoing and Host Cities are invited to get in touch to find out more about the hosting opportunities.

SiS- What role does innovation play in your plans? Where do you focus your innovation initiatives?

HAB- The FISE events are a place of expression for all urban sports, a laboratory where new sports make their debut (Breakdance and BMX Dirt) and where innovative practices are being tested. For example, we have built a temporary concrete skatepark for the FISE Montpellier. Hurricane Group is a leader in BMX Freestyle and has delivered several fields of play to training centers worldwide and major events.

Through our partnership with federations, we have initiated sporting bodies to urban sports, and the development of new markets and participants, leading to the Olympic inclusion.

SiS- Today more than half of the world population lives in cities, and two-thirds will by 2050, what is the vision of sport in urban areas?

HAB- Hurricane Parks designs and builds facilities, inspired by urban furniture. We reproduced those features in Skatepark and BMX Freestyle Park. In the next 25 years, the sports practiced in the city center and urban areas will continue to grow exponentially.

SiS- How do think Urban Sports will change in coming years? And what is your role in that change?

HAB- Urban sports are exploding and their highest recognition at the Summer Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020, Paris 2024) is a strong statement. One of the key objective of Hurricane Group, as a pioneer in the urban sports industry, is to keep the authenticity of the sports, their values, and lifestyle.

When Hurricane partnered with international federation a few years ago, keeping the spirit of the sports was essential for a successful collaboration.

SiS- I understand you will organize an Urban Sports Summit in Montpellier (France), May 29th, please let us know more?

HAB- There is no better place than FISE Montpellier to host the Urban Sports Summit. The Summit will gather together a large panel of speakers. From Host Cities to Sports Federations, Media and partners. It is a place for exchanging ideas and talks about the urban sports industry and its evolution over time: past, present, and future.

SiS- One message for your SiS community?

HAB- Tune in for FISE Montpellier this week, and watch it live: 


And get on your bikes, skateboard or scooter!

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Hervé Andre-Benoit, FISE Founder and Hurricane Group CEOSiS
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