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A must see startup, edisn.ai, AI-powered player recognition #tech for interactive and personalized streaming content!
A new interactive and personalized streaming content with edisn.ai startup 

Interview with Ashok Karanth, CEO and Co-Founder at edisn.ai.

?Ashok, you wish to build to future of sports consumption, what are the hidden needs that you have identified?

AK- Sports is increasingly being consumed by fans on their connected devices - be it mobile phones, iPads or connected TVs. The next generation fan is moving away from linear television. Fans are demanding interactivity and personalization with their content - just like they are used to with everything else they do on their devices. However, the content today is largely made-for-broadcast content that does not offer these to fans. This is a large unmet need from fans and from content owners like leagues, teams, and media companies. This is the need that we are solving for.

SiS- What is your the AI-powered solution that EDISN.AI is offering to solve that problem?

AK- edisn.ai delivers interactive and personalized content to sports fans by applying its AI-powered player recognition engine to live video streams in real time. We have a platform that delivers engagement, interactivity and personalized content to sports fans while they watch their favorite sports, and it also enables content owners to monetize more effectively.

Our AI engine recognizes players that are on screen in real-time, and when fans click through the players, we can deliver contextual content like stats, betting data, fantasy data and any other form of content with partners like Sportradar who provide us with access to real-time data. We can also deliver social media content, contests and polls, and also cool deals on ticketing and merchandise etc to fans. Fans have control over the kind of content they want to consume, thereby driving engagement up. Content owners can capture rich interaction data of fans and therefore offer better content to the fans and increase monetization.

All of these can be done without the need for additional hardware in stadiums or on players. Our solution works across all sports and is therefore very scalable and cost-effective to deploy. Our real-time player recognition tech is unique and we are filing for 3 patents to protect the IP. 

edisn.ai platform
edisn.ai platformGoogle

SiS- Why your clients should patronize your solution? How will it be a game changer for them?

AK- Broadcasters, teams, leagues, and athletes are constantly striving to (a) engage with fans, (b) understand their fans better and (c) drive more revenue. edisn.ai helps these stakeholders to tick all of these boxes - deliver a superior engagement solution for fans and increase watch time, capture detailed data about fan preferences, and deliver seamless monetization opportunities.

Clients can use this across all sports in all geographies with no additional infrastructure requirements in stadiums, hence making this a global solution that works across all levels of the sport.

SiS- You are now testing your solution with key international stakeholders, can you tell us more about that?

AK- We have a few key pilot projects across sports as diverse as football and basketball in the US, endurance events in Europe, and cricket and soccer in Asia. We have worked with leading broadcasters and sports teams for live content as well as behind-the-scenes content (VOD). 

edisn.ai at basketball
edisn.ai at basketballGoogle

SiS- What is your next step to grow your startup?

AK- We are now looking to deploy our platform across some large broadcasters across multiple sports around the world. We hope to see our platform being used by 10 millions fans around the world in the next 1 year and enhance their sports-viewing experience.

SiS- A message for our SiS community?

AK- I would love to interact with such a global and diverse sports community like SiS and work with the community to collaborate and partner with the various stakeholders. We have a massive opportunity to deliver the next level of fan engagement across all sports for the next generation of fans. It will be great to work with the SiS community to build the future of sports consumption. 

Vincent Gaillard, CEO at EPCR - European Professional Club Rugby.Google
Jeese Lovejoy at Beyond Innovation SummitBeyond Innovation Summit
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